Enhancing patient safety through AI


Digitization powered by AI can customize patient perioperative journey while improving its wellness, ease practitioners work and create a safer environment.

SMTP is an AI-based platform that digitizes and improves the perioperative process

SMTP tools predict and manage potential surgical complications, and personalize the whole process to each patient’s needs leading to a better and safer recovery while saving healthcare costs

Smart Medtech Solution is a cutting-edge platform that helps doctors and nurses to follow the clinical guidelines in all the stages of the perioperative process

The modular and interoperable platform is a combination of SaaS, medical devices and IA algorithms that can be integrated into any Hospital infrastructure

Perioperative phases


Asses the patient condition before surgery.


Customize plans to ensure process efficiency and avoid unwanted events.


Patient monitoring visits to control their status after surgery.


Main features


AI and data based platform


Advanced analytics


Lead the perioperative process


Tailored patient journey

Pre-anesthetic assessment

Define the patient’s risk and prepare him/her for surgery.

Genetic analysis

Define patient’s genetic profile to personalize anesthetic drugs administration plan.

Anesthesic plan

Define the operating room configuration and the anesthetic plan tailored to each patient.

Intra-operative constants manager

Set alarms and help guidelines personalized by the professionals and adjusted to the patient.

DataLogger collector

Provide quality data to develop predictive models and improve patient safety.

Post-operative assessment

Monitor the patient’s condition, complications, actions and treatment plans in the postoperative period to improve recovery.